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  • iX ERP CRM Sales


    iX ERP CRM Sales Module per-user / Month

  • iX ERP CRM Help Desk


    iX ERP CRM Help Desk per-user / Month

  • iX ERP CRM Projects


    iX ERP CRM Projects Management and Tasks per-user / Month

  • iX ERP CRM Ultimate


    iX ERP CRM Ultimate (All Modules) per-user / Month

  • iX ERP Limited (FREE)


    iX ERP Limited Edition Subscription Community FREE 1 User

    For micro and small companies and startups who would like to track invoices, expenses, company performance and accounting.

  • iX ERP Professional


    iX ERP Professional Edition Subscription Per-User

    Suits medium companies who would like to automate internal processes, enhance company performance and reduce cost.

  • iX ERP Enterprise


    iX ERP Enterprise Edition Subscription Per-User

    Suits enterprises that have a more complex workflow that is joint between several departments.

  • iX ERP Manufacturing


    iX ERP Manufacturing Edition Subscription Per-User

    Suits manufacturers that have production processes integrated with other departments like inventory sales and purchase.

  • Implementation & Training Services Per Hour

    iXERP Implementation and Training services per hour